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Here at Arizona Brothers we take pride in removing the stress from your family’s relocation. My brother and I have been moving families all over the southwest for over twenty years. Family owned and operated, Arizona Brothers is well equipped to handle any piece of furniture or appliance. We handle everything from shrink wrapping your furniture in your home to loading your belongings on our truck for transfer to its new location. We strive to serve your unique needs, whether they are home, office or auto transport.

We at Arizona Brothers Moving and Storage are one of the most reasonably priced movers in Phoenix.  We’re prepared to take the ultimate care in moving your belongings. We also specialize in office moving. From desks to chairs – if it’s not bolted down, we’ll carry it off.

Arizona Brothers is flexible, and we will work with you and your unique schedule. Many moving companies in Phoenix are not necessarily ready to work when you are – with Arizona Brothers, our time is yours.

Household Moving in Phoenix

Moving to Phoenix presents its own unique challenges. The city is hot – hotter than any other major city in the United States. Heat causes fatigue, which is why moving is best left to professionals who are acclimated. There have been numerous news stories about people becoming very ill when moving to a hotter climate. Illnesses such as dehydration, heat stroke, and exhaustion are real threats when moving in Phoenix. Another serious heat-related factor is how it can affect furniture, especially furniture that  is made of wood. Wooden furniture is normally the most expensive furniture that a person owns, especially if it is a rare or antiquated piece. Exposing  your wood furniture to heat can cause warping or discoloration. The best solution is to transport the furniture quickly and in a cooled vehicle, transferring it quickly either to air conditioned storage or the new residence or office.

Arizona Brothers is experienced and qualified to deal with heat, and can easily transport wooden and other furniture quickly and professionally. For moving to Phoenix or within Phoenix, Arizona Brothers Moving and Storage is the best choice you can make.

Corporate Relocation

Moving an office can be a lot more complicated than moving a household. The sheer volume of furniture, computers, files and other infrastructure presents unique hurdles that must be cleared quickly. Fortunately, Arizona Brothers Moving, one of the best moving companies in Phoenix, is well equipped to handle these obstacles.

Air conditioned trucks and a personal touch mean that your office equipment will arrive in the same condition in the new building. Because Arizona Brothers specializes in storage as well as moving, a transitional period between offices will go smoothly. Allowing us to do the work for you will ensure that your move is quick and painless both for your employees and your check book. We know that flexibility is is important, so after moving out of the old office you have the option to go straight to the new premises or pause the process at our state-of-the-art storage facility. When the new offices are ready, you’ll move in at your convenience. At Arizona Brothers, we let you call the shots and work to meet your needs.

Corporate Relocation Moving

Move your company quickly and easily with Arizona Brothers Moving and Storage.

Household Moving in Phoenix

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